Church Planters + Student Ministry Update

Church Planters
Student Ministry

Jorge Butts

Jorge and his wife Lauren came to us 5 years ago from South Florida to open The Grille restaurant for us. Both Jorge and Lauren had served in the restaurant ministry at Calvary Chapel Fort Lauderdale. Jorge has moved into Youth ministry now as well as serving in both foster care and benevolence. Brielle and Nathan have been added to the family here in Monterey and the Butts family have been a wonderful part of our church.

Josh Shively

Josh and Erica Shively with their children Ellie and Seth are veterans of 10 years in volunteer high school ministry in various Northern California Calvary Chapels. Josh successfully completed the Church Planting Program with Pastor Geoff and was looking to plant a church at Lake Tahoe. However, with Pastor Jorge and Lauren Butts being called to Fort Lauderdale to plant a church, the Shively’s joyfully excepted the opportunity to lead the high school ministry at Calvary Monterey.

Aaron Mattox

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Aaron and his wife Shianne and daughter Sienna moved here last September to attend our Church Planting Program. Aaron has served as an assistant pastor at several Calvary Chapels near his home in Bellingham, Washington, and brings a wealth of experience to ministry. He is also working on a Master of Divinity at Western University. The Mattox family was happy to welcome baby Kasen born just two months ago. We have been delighted to see them fit right in to our fellowship.