Depart Smart

Depart Smart

Saturday April 1st at 9am

Hey church every year we have the opportunity to provide life skills training for Foster Kids who are exiting the Foster Care system and beginning their independent lives. We do this by partnering together with Hartnell College and a local non profit organization called “The Epicenter” to provide a full day of training, presentations, gifts, and fun all centered around helping them “Depart Smart” from the system. Budgeting, Resume Building, Apartment Shopping, and Handling Conflict are just a few of the classes we will offer this year. Our hope is to help them and build relationships with the youth who come in hopes that the light that we shine would cause them to fall in love with Jesus.

The Event is on April 1st here at Calvary Monterey from 9:00 to 3:00.
There are 2 Blocks of time you can volunteer for with 2 sets of responsibilities/classes specific to each block.

First Block

9 to 1 with Lunch provided

    1. Interviews – You will teach a group of youth how to conduct themselves during an interview for a job. You will talk to them about building a resume and making a good first impression.
    2. Communication – This class will be about how you should communicate in various professional environments. Public Speaking, Casual vs, office speech, and this will include conflict resolution tips.
    3. Budgeting and Finances – This class will be about managing your finances well and setting realistic goals. You will help them create a budget using a sample template.
    4. Nutrition – You will explain proper daily nutrition to the students. You will offer them coaching on how to make good food choices when it comes to food and help them become more mindful of what they are putting into their bodies. “Eat this not that” style.
    5. Health – You will be talking to the youth about physical fitness and the importance of exercise for stress relief and for being able to meet the demands of everyday life.
    6. Social Media – You will be helping the students learn how to appropriately use Social Media. This means not misrepresenting yourself by making inappropriate posts and being mindful of who can see your information. This class will also help students use the internet to find what they need. “Craigslist” will be a resource you will help them navigate.
    7. “Adulting” – This class will help young people prepare themselves for the “adult” things of independent life. This includes choosing a doctor and setting up appointments, making large purchases, and Personal Property Management.

Second Block

12:30 to 2:00

These classes are designed to be “Demonstrations” so you will be required to do some hands on demonstrations of each skill.

    1. Car Maintenance – You will help young people learn how to Change a Tire, Check their Fluids, and trouble shoot a car that won’t start. You will need to bring your car and have a good handle on how to keep your car healthy.
    2. Grooming/Beauty – For this class we will separate the girls from the guys and talk about personal hygiene. This class will focus on getting presentable for everyday life in 20 minutes or less. A background in hair styling and make up for the girls is required as well as some skills with shaving for the guys.
    3. Cooking/Baking – This class will help young people learn how to prepare a healthful meal using budget friendly ingredients. You should have a good knowledge of healthy food choices as well as some cooking skills. We will provide the kitchen, the tools, and the ingredients but you will need to plan the meal and tell us what you need ahead of time.

If you would like to volunteer for this life changing event please fill out the Registration Form today!