Middle School Ministry

Middle School Ministry

Grade 6 – 8


Teaching students to pursue relationship with Jesus, set-apart living, and active love. We provide a worship service weekly on Sundays and Fridays where we teach the Bible verse by verse and lead our students in singing praises to God. On Friday Nights we have a great time which includes big group games, occasionally enjoying pizza, and getting students into small groups where they can encourage one another in the Christian life. We also offer a variety of camps, training programs, and hangout times throughout the year for students to learn to enjoy one another in God honoring relationships. Come out and bring a friend!

Sunday Preview

Services at 9am & 11am

Come upstairs above The Grille between 8:45–9 :15am or 10:45–11:15am and you will be greeted by one of our leaders. Come early enough to play some Uno, Ping Pong, Foosball or any one of our many board games. We start service at 11:15 with a time of worship. We teach the Bible verse by verse until 12:15, and then finish our time together with more fellowship time. Students are welcome to stay afterwards and hang out with the leaders, or head down to the Grille for Lunch together. Be sure to bring your Bible and be ready to learn from God’s Word.

Friday Preview

Service at 6pm

Doors open at 6:00pm and we start our service with worship at 6:45pm. From there we teach verse by verse or topically until about 7:45pm. We then plan something to encourage students to open up either with a leader or with one another. This could include some small group discussion, a time of question & answer with the leaders, or a fun game designed to get to know each other. We usually finish up service by around 8:30pm, and hang out until around 9:00pm, just having fun. Plan on running, sweating, laughing, learning the Bible, and connecting with God and with other Middle Schoolers who are living for Jesus.

Ministry Leader

Andy Candreva

Andy Candreva

I grew up in a Christian home, but not really a church home. Both of my parents are devout Christians, but, after we adopted my autistic little brother and moved to California, it became difficult for us to go to church. So I never really developed a real relationship with Jesus and never understood what Christianity was about. Then, in middle school, difficult things started happening in my life. My parents realized and decided they were not the best people to be raising my little brother, so they made the humble decision of placing him in a group home in Salinas where he would be getting 24 hour care and support. This was really tough for me to understand and experience when I was 11 years old. Social life in middle school was also pretty rough. Then, it culminated in my first semester of high school when I played football. I hated it. I got bullied a lot and was forced to take a step back and change my social life and friend group. From this, I met some of my best friends, including my friend Drew. He brought me to Equip at Calvary. After about six months I fell in love with Jesus and am growing in that love still today. My goal and calling is to go into pastoral ministry, and, right now, I love having the opportunity to serve at Pursuit, love the students, and do work.

CONTACT: andy@calvary.com

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