Missions & Outreach

Proclaiming to the World through Acts of Mercy and the Planting of Churches

Acts of Mercy

Just 4 Kids

Pastor Jorge Butts

Yearly one-day training events for youth graduating from foster care system (Depart Smart); 4 Respite Days per year when we give foster parents a break by providing a fun day onsite for their foster kids; coordination with Monterey County on events supporting foster families.

Pray that our gospel influence will grow as we serve our community.

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Food Pantry

For foster families in Monterey County and our own members. Open Wednesday 9am – 1pm and after services. Food purchased very inexpensively from Monterey County Food Bank in Salinas. We provide non-perishable food items, some toiletries, and at times diapers and baby food.

Pray that we can meet real physical needs through this ministry.

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The Bridge

Mike and Michele Casey

Men’s and Women’s residential (1-year) discipleship program to combat life altering addictions. Provides support to the church in the Grille plus in janitorial and landscaping.

Pray for absolutely transformed lives to prevent recidivism.

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Pastor Mike Casey

Mondays at 7:00pm in Sanctuary 2. Outreach to all affected by life-dominating sins like drugs, alcohol, and pornography.

Pray for power of Christ to deliver those bound and addicted. Strength for the family and friends who are deeply affected.

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Compassion Pregnancy Center

Debbie Jones

Presenting a practical alternative to abortion in downtown Monterey. Provides counseling, free pregnancy test, ultrasounds, and baby supplies.

Pray for spiritual and legal protection in a hostile society.

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Steve and Nora Braselton

Ministry through TV, Radio. Training pastors. Orphanage and ministry to widows. Village evangelism.

Pray for physical health and totally protection.

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Church Planting

Refuge Salinas

Pastor Matt Gersonde

1st Church plant of CM in October 2015. Meet Sunday at 6:30pm.

Pray for the Spirit’s guidance as church is established.

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Unconference Church Network

Pastor Geoff Buck

15 churches with whom we have strong affinity and friendship.
Meet yearly in March at CM for an “unconference” of informal teaching, fellowship, prayer and support.Most are recent church plants and our new church plants will associate with this group.

Church Planting Program

Pastor Geoff Buck

Goal is training 3-6 young men in all aspects of church planting. Began in September 2016

Prayer for the right men to enroll

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Unnamed Missionary

Focus: To establish church planting networks in closed countries.
This man’s identity cannot be revealed due to regular trips to countries hostile to believers.

Pray: That he will be rendered “invisible” to those hostile to the Gospel as he enters these countries. That his family will be protected and comforted as he travels.

David Joannes

Organization: Within Reach Global. Focus is establishing church planting schools and training enters in China and the region.

Pray for protection for David as he travels and for the believers in the secret training centers.

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Mexico Church Planting Program

Pastor Jonathan Domingo, Calvary Chapel Ensenada

Goal is tarting 100 new Calvary Chapels in Mexico in next 10 years. Immediate goal of starting 10 new churches in larger cities, the first beginning this September in Mazatlan.

Pray for open doors, financial provision.

Future Satellite Campus

New church locations led by a campus host with live worship and video message from Calvary Monterey.
Potential locations: downtown Monterey, Marina.

Pray for guidance and correct timing.

Other Special Local Outreaches

KKMC Radio

Airs during afternoon drive time at 5pm Monday – Friday on KKMC, 880 AM. Delivers messages by Pastor Nate from Sunday services and information on upcoming events.

Pray for listeners to increase and to be greatly impacted by God’s Word.


John and Joyce Steers & Dale and Carolyn DePalatis

Christian outreach to both international students at Monterey Institute of International Studies and families of International professors and students at Naval Postgraduate school. Activities might include dinners, visits to local homes, hikes, trips and Bible studies. These top educational institutions bring the world to our door to be reached through friendship evangelism.

Pray for warm relationships to develop which will ultimately allow a witness of the gospel.

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