Vision & Mission

Vision & Mission


Jesus Famous

We exist to see the fame of Jesus spread in people’s hearts,
in our community, and in our world.

We believe that as we seek Him and our hearts grow closer to Him,
that our lives and our mission become clear.


Honor | Nurture | Proclaim

We believe that God has given our church a threefold mission to move us forward in seeing the vision accomplished. This mission is progressive in the sense that we first Honor Jesus together and connect with God in our personal walk with Him. Second, we focus on nurturing and growing in our lives as believers and disciples of Jesus. The third part of our threefold mission is that we step out and proclaim to the world as the natural outpouring of being connected to God and built up as believers in Jesus. We won’t draw hard lines in these three areas, as it is possible to operate in all three in any given day. However, we order them in this way to highlight the importance of seeking Him first and growing together as being the basis for effective service and proclamation of the Gospel (good news) to the world we live in.

Honor Jesus

Corporate Worship | Personal Devotion

We honor Jesus in corporate worship together. This primarily takes place in our Sunday worship services and on Wednesdays during Life Church in the winter and summer quarters. Our goal is to bring honor to God for who He is. We seek to collectively bring Him glory as our hearts are tuned to Him in worship through singing, receiving Bible teaching, prayer, and fellowship (togetherness).

We honor Jesus in personal devotion by seeking to develop a daily walk with Him, making it a priority to be reading the Word of God, praying for the mission of the church, and seeking to grow more and more into the image of Christ.

Nurture Believers

Community | Training

We nurture believers through community. We believe that Community is the context in which discipleship takes place. Though each believer has a personal relationship with God, the Christian life is not intended to be lived out in isolation or privately. So we need to ensure that we’re just not merely attenders, but that there is a group of people to whom we actually belong. Here at Calvary, Community primarily takes place in our Life Groups, where groups of believers gather all over our community for fellowship, the discussion of God’s Word, and prayer.

We Nurture Believers through Training. Currently this takes place through conferences and existing resources on, such as teachings, recommended books, and the link to Pastor Nate’s Through the Bible Studio Series at

Proclaim To The World

Acts of Mercy | Planting of Churches

We proclaim to the world through Acts of Mercy. The bible calls us in many places to take care of the poor, the fatherless, widows and those less privileged in society. Our church is heavily involved in recovery ministry, we support the local foster care organizations in various ways, and we also support our local pregnancy center. All of these things are have a high correlation with broken and often fatherless families.

We proclaim to the world through Planting of Churches. Reading the New Testament, we see the multiplication of the Church taking place through the planting of churches, and witness their spread from local to regional and then to other countries. We believe that the church is healthiest when multiplying this way and are working towards increasing the number of churches we plant in the future.

Currently, our first church plant, Refuge Salinas, led by Pastor Matt Gersonde, is healthily growing and reaching a portion of our community that no other church would. In the fall of 2017, we are excited to be sending out two more church plants to Seaside, CA, and to Coconut Creek, FL.


Calvary Monterey is also excited to announce the launch of our brand new Church Planting Program. Find out more at